Thursday, 15 May 2014

Maria Geatana Agnesi

Q. What nationality is she?
A. Italian

Q. When was Maria Gaetana Agnesi born?
A.16 May 1718

Q. When did Maria pass away?
A. 9 January 1799

Q. What did Maria devoted the last 4 decades of her life too? 
A. studying theology

Q.What 2 languages could Maria speak at the age of 5?
A Italian and French 

Q. How many sisters and brothers did Maria have?
A. 23

Q. At the age of 11 what other languages could Maria speak?
A.  GreekHebrewSpanishGerman, and Latin

Q. How many languages could Maria speak at 11?
A. 7

Q.How many times did Maria father remarry after her mum died?
A. twice

Q.What was Maria famous for?
A. Mathematician and Philosopher

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