Tuesday, 27 May 2014


On Friday I played hockey. I'm in the T.I.S A team. We played 2 20minute games. First we played a all boys team ( sorry I forgot who they were). It was a close game. They got the first goal but we weren't going to give up that easy, we got a goal with 1 minute to go it was 1-1 then one of the boy scores 40 seconds to go I get the ball and run as fast as I can but I was to late the game had ended we lost by a point. Because we lost we wanted to win the next game. Again I don't know who we played but we won 4-0. I got one goal that I was super happy about. This Friday coming up we want to win both our games and hopefully we will. WISH US LUCK.

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  1. When you proof read to me by reading aloud, you picked up some of your minor errors. These do matter. Watch that you put full stops whenever you pause.