Monday, 8 December 2014

Gifts for the family.

A Glow in the dark desktop tennis for my cousin Sophie 

LED bubble blowing gun for my cousin William 

Babushka Lip gloss for my auntie

2015 Year Right tui Calendar for my Uncle 

Window Seed Feeder for my nana.

Total mount spent: $80.30

Sunday, 30 November 2014

virtual tour

Compile a list of as many places as you can which allow you to take a virtual tour.

-New Zealand Parliaments 

- White house 

- Anne Franks house

- London 

- New york time Square 

- Disneyland

Write an interesting and engaging review of virtual tours online.

A review should:
  • explain what happens on a virtual tour
  • mention highlights on the tours
  • give an overall opinion of virtual tours online (strengths and weaknesses)
  • mention specific virtual tours you have looked at as examples
  • include hyperlinks to the virtual tours you mention
200 words minimum

A virtual tour is a tour that allows people to use laptops or ipads / phone's to take a virtual, self-guided, room by room tour of any place they wish to have a look at. The highlights of having virtual tours are that you don't need to leave the comfort of your home and if you are someone that doesn't like to walk around for hours this is perfect for you. In each room there is different videos and things to read all about the place and most of them are in 3D which is really cool. I think that virtual is an awesome Idea because you get to see place that you may not be able to go because of some reason most of the tours are in good quality not blurry or anything like that, A problem with virtual tours are that on some tours they are only black and white or it is Blurry and sometimes you can only look around in one area not move on and look at a different place. I really liked the virtual tour of New York time square because I have always wanted to go there and the tour just gave me a better image of it. So in conclusion I think that a Virtual tour is a great idea it just needs to fix some things and it will be good to go.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My trip to girls collage.

Today we had our visit to Tauranga Girls College. I learned a lot about TGC and I got a lot of the questions I was thinking about answered, I don't think I will get as lost now not saying I won't get lost because come on it's me we are talking about anyway I am really excited about making new friends, the sports and also seeing my old friends and friends that go to other schools. I am kinda upset that it's an all girl school because I have some really good guy friends that I like to hang out with but that's alright. Today my group meet the head girl for next year, the art leader, deputy head girl and sports caption. In the future I hope to be one of those girls. We had really nice girls that showed us around the school so all in all I had a really good day.  Some of the questions I had were, what do we do for pe? the answer was all different sport, my second one was what do we do with our bags? the answer was you have to carry them around EVERYWHERE my poor back. To be honest the school isn't as big as I thought it would be but it still is pretty big. I LOVED THE LIBARY it was awesome there was lots of books.


Give your opinion on what happened here. Explain your opinion in full.
I think that even know he unintentionally offended Lorde it is still really mean and he should learn to keep his opinion to himself.

Think of a time you ‘put your foot in your mouth’ (said the wrong thing and unintentionally offended someone)? What happened?

My Auntie had just brought a new house and she was in the kitchen and I was like "do you even need a kitchen" she got a bit offended but I said sorry and it was algud.