Monday, 28 July 2014

The Migraine

OMG I don't want to go to work today. Mr Smith is so annoying bossing everyone around doing things that are not even close to working. I know what I must do time to fake a illness. First thing first work out the illness, hmmmm maybe a sore tummy and runny nose Nah that's to simple, ummmm I GOT IT a migraine PERFECT he will never say no to that. Ok time to make the call. Hello Mr Smith it's Susie here I just calling to say that I can't come into work today because I have a migraine hmm you sound fine to me but ok I don't want you puking all over the food anyway goodbye Bye Mr Smith. Right time to get ready. YAY Ready to go BEACH TIME BEACH TIME TIME TO PARTY I change into my bikini and head off into the water but before I can something catches my eyes MR SMITH walking towards me OH NO I'M DEAD SUSIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? I umm getting some fresh air Well you don't look sick to me so tell me what you are really doing here now??? FINE FINE I am not sick I just didn't want to go to work today ok? OK I will make it easier for you YOU ARE FIRED. But Mr Smith what are you doing here?? UMM nothing I will leave you alone if you tell me what you are doing here. fine I am meeting some friends here for a party party but then they canceled so I was going to go for a swim. But you are meant to be running your shop. Ok ok YOU can have your job back if you don't tell anyone about today ok??? OK DEAL see you tomorrow.

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