Thursday, 3 July 2014

End of the term Review

Cross Country.
On Friday the 27th of June week 8, we had our school cross country race.The course was 3k it was hard. First the year 7 girls raced and they did great, next the year 7 boys raced  they got the fastest times of the day. Then it was my race and I was really nervous I was coming 2nd in the first 200m then I past someone and was coming 1st and I tried to keep it that way the whole race it was close between Tony, Anika and me. In the end it went me,Tony and then Anika what is really good. The year 8 boys did great as well. All in all it was a right day.

Science Fair 
We started science fair at the beginning of the term. We had 8 weeks to finish. It took along time to work out a topic then work out my Aim, Hypothesis, Introduction, what I would need, Method, Results and Conclusion. I finished my science fair one day before I had to hand it in after we handed it in we had to show the class and explain why I choose this topic and all about then Miss C would mark it. Then when we all finished it went up to the hall to be judged. I didn't get a yellow sticker but that's ok.

This term in maths we have been learning all about stats and stuff like that, I learned what a box and whiskers plot is and a scatter plot is as well. I also did stem and leaf graphs about the resting heart rate is for room42 girls and boys then we had to find the mean, median, mode and range. With the scatter plots I learned all about correlation and what you need to make a scatter plot.

Highlights and Lowlights 
A highlight of this term was probably hockey because I got named captain  and I am really happy about that and A different highlight was cross country because I trained hard for it and I felt like I achieved my goal. I don't have a lowlight of this term it was a good 9 weeks.

For P:E this term we did hockey, netball, soccer and basketball. I was in team 7 we played basketball and won all the games. Then we played soccer I don't know if we won or not I was away. Netball was next I think we won but I not sure I couldn't play. Last was hockey but I was a way at a sports thing so I don't know if we won or not. In round 2 it was to wet to play any sports so we played dodgeball  in the gym what was super fun as well.

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  1. Tone was alright you could of had more expression.
    The layout was really clean no messy writing.
    I think you choose really good headings that relate to you not someone else.
    SPG: P:E is P.E. because it means Physical Education.
    room42 is Room 42 because it is a place and the numbers is different to the word.
    Your blog is really good there is a few mistakes but other than that you did a really good blog and you had a really good heading and you finished on time!
    Length yes it was finished on time and it had 5 paragraphs.