Monday, 10 February 2014

How to be me on a school morning

1. First your dad will come into your room at 7:00am and tell you to get up.

2. Then after 5mins you finally get out of bed and get your uniform from out of the wardrobe.

3. After that you make the bed and clean your room a bit.

4. Then you slowly walk into the kitchen and get the coco pops and milk.

5. Now its time to take your pills, there is a 11 of them and you also have to put a drop of the eye drops into your bad eye then you also have to have your mouth drops you have 5drops of that YOU CANT FORGET TO TAKE THOSE!!!!!!.

6.  You have to brush your teeth now  and tie up your hair in a pony tail.

7. You then have to put everything in your bag like your lunch, laptop and P:E gear. you are ready to go to school you go to school with your mum because she works there.

9.In the car on the way to school you put on your sandals and you check your lunch that your mum or dad pack to see if its good.

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