Sunday, 16 November 2014

Life ed summary

7 step ladder

In life ed I learned about the 7 step ladder. The 7 step ladder is a ladder of puberty, it takes 7 years to go though puberty. Normally you start puberty around the ages of 10 and 15, it is like your brain runs an imaginary tape measure over your body and if everything is good the brains tells the pituitary gland to begin releasing the hormones.  

Delay the decision

Also in life ed we learned to delay the decision which means that if you are thinking about taking drugs or stuff like that, what until after puberty too or even then wait till your brain is fully grown which is about that the age of 25 and even then make sure you make a wise choice because it can change your life for ever.

how do drugs affect your brain.

Mr J mice 

m = Memoryr = Reasoningj = Judgment m =Mechanical skillsi = Intellect c = Concentration e = Emotions 

They are all things that get affect when you take drugs. Your brain memory is split into 4 different spaces, First is future thinking  then todays thinking then short term memory and long term memory. When you take drugs your short term memory and future thinking gets affected.

Here is a story that we heard about in life ed. 

There was a girl that lied to her parents and went out with her friends to a club, she had to much to drink so her friends ditched her because she was slowing them down, she was found unconscious in the back of a random car, she was rushed off to hospital, she was ok but it was still really silly thing she did.

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