Monday, 3 March 2014

3 mini dialogues

Mum- "How was paintball?"
Me- "Fine."
Mum- "Thats good What happened to your hand?"
Me- "I hurt it when I was doing abseiling."
Mum- "Are you ok now?"
Me- "Yip."

Miss C- "Ok this week we have tech I have put you guys into 2 group and send them to you." 
Me- "What are we doing for tech this week."
Miss C- "Look at the email I sent you."
Me- *Looks at the email* "YAY I am doing Soft material."

Me-"This is so yummy." 
Mickey- "Can I have some."
Me- "You are not allowed any." :P
Mickey- "WHYYY NOT??"
Me- "Because it has gluten in it."
Mickey- "But I like ice-cream." :(
Me- " Oh well :P."


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