Sunday, 9 June 2013

Last Friday not the one thats just be but the one before I went to Taupo for a squash tourament. I had to be at school by 6:25 in the morning. the others who can with me were Anika,Mattew,other Mattew,Talyor and me the person who look after us was sam from the sports office. It was a long way to Taupo and really boring.Once we got there I got really excited and could't wait to start.My first game was pretty easy I won  but then my second game was alot harder I lost that game sadly then in my third and last game for 3rd and 4th I played Anika and she won so in the end everyone got a meadel apart from me oh well but we did get a back the trophy what was cool.After prize giving we set of back to school but when we got to Rotorua the van broke down and these really nice guy helped us start it again but then we stop for mcdonalds and Sam turned off the van and said we r only here for 5minute so all was good until we all got back in the van and it didn't start so we all got out and push but that didn't work then Sam went and ask some guys who were mechanic and they said what about u take a rent a van for now but sam was under age so we could't do that so we ended up in  mcdonalds for like 3 hours it was fun thought and we did make it home that night we got a taxi and got back to school about 7:30 and we left Taupo at 3:00. P:S photos to come later 

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